Week #2 Just Do It

September 9-15, 2012

This week, I urge you to commit to participate no matter the inconvenience. The reason is so you can see what it takes to live missionally. Of course we all know that there’s no special formula for how to love people, but I propose a few flexible ideas for you. Adapt them to your context, but make sure you do them. My wife and I have found living missionally can be so fun.

Choose 2 of the following activities to participate in this week (Sept. 9-15). Don’t make excuses. Just Do It! 

  1. Write a kind note to someone at school, work or a neighbor.
  2. Ask a friend, who’s on your heart, to go to coffee and practice your listening skills.
  3. Show how much you appreciate someone (teacher, co-worker) with a small gift.
  4. Choose a few co-workers, classmates, neighbors or friends to pray for often.
  5. Help clean or do other housework for an elderly person you know.
  6. Choose a peer or someone younger than you to aggressively pursue. Make known your availability. Don’t be passive in the relationship.  Be aggressive and make sure they know you are there for them.
  7. Choose a specific store, gas station, coffee shop, etc to go to often and get to know the staff by name. Become a “regular.”
  8. Make up your own
Remember, these are not just to-do’s to check off your list. They are not the end goal, they are the means. The goal is relationships. The goal is discipleship. The goal is being a conduit for God’s love to connect with the world. Share your experiences with us!
“Build bridges of trust that bear the weight of truth.” (Common Ground Consultants)
Walk in Love my friends,


  1. Amanda:

    The kiddo I nanny for loves parks. We visited a new one today, and though we often meet new people, today was especially notable. During out visit we were approached by two women who identified themselves as Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’m used to their door-to-door house visits, so this was unique. We chatted about many things, namely kids, and it was so cool to just converse with them on a somewhat neutral level. Apparently they visit the park regularly on Mondays, so I think we will too! And in the mean time, now that I know their names, etc., I will definitely be praying for them specifically.

  2. Awesome! Thank you for sharing your story. It is so refreshing when we remember that we cannot convert anyone. Our job is to love our non-believing friends by praying for them, serving them and sharing God’s story when we can. Keep us posted :)

    • October 19, 2012 at 12:16 amIf you had to choose between getting your electric power from an existing conr-bulaing power plant 100 miles (160 km) away from your home or having a new nuclear power plant built within 5 miles (8 km) of your home, which would you choose and why? Don’t forget the resistive power losses that occur in power transmission lines, causing power to be wasted the farther the power plant is from the customer. Reply

    • Sure! – What’d you have in mind? Feel free to email me the particulars . But I will be on vacation this week so will have limited access to a computer..Jason Mathes recently posted..

  3. Jake:

    “Build Bridges that bear the weight of Truth”

    I love that man. Lindy and I have intentionally and unintentionally been getting to know our neighbors. I met the Dale who takes his cat on walks outside our apartment. Lindy thinks the cat pees on my car. Regardless of whether or not that’s true, I made an extra effort to get to know him and his cat “Chance”. He said it was part of some wild cat that was related to a leopard. I am glad that I took the chance to get to know him because now I can talk to him on a first name basis. Then, earlier on this evening, we heard a loud knock on our door and it was a lady who lives a few houses down from our apartment. She was pretty exasperated and had been in a big fight with her twin sister who was an alcoholic. The police were there and told her she needed to leave, so she was asking us to drive her into the city. We had some stuff to get done tonight, but we decided to take her. She has had a pretty rough life. What surprises us is that she came all the way down to our apartment to ask us. I don’t know if she was going door to door or what, but she really needed to get out. Lindy and i got to pray for her, too, because she was feeling sick. I’m curious to see what comes of this friendship.

  4. Great stories. Praise God. When we make ourselves available, He does the rest. I will pray this morning for the woman you took to the city. Much Love Bro

  5. Vanessa:

    Week #2 and I can see that we have already strayed far from my comfort zone. I have used the same stores and gas stations for years. I recognize the faces but don’t know there names. How do you get to know these people? Do you just ask them their name? Don’t the people behind you in line get mad when you stop and talk? This is some scary stuff. I think I need to learn the basics of acceptable social interaction before I can move on with this. I’ll keep reading and see what I can do.

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