So What’s the Big Idea?

The Love Experiment (TLE) was born out of a desire to make loving God and loving my neighbor a way of life. A new word has been created to describe this type of living: missional. To be missional is to live on mission. It is to live like we are “sent”. It is to believe that every relationship we have is an opportunity to show God’s love and share His Gospel.

I personally began this journey to live more missional about 2 years ago, but didn’t have language to describe what I was feeling or an example to follow. I’ll be honest here, church lost the entertainment factor and I started to lose interest in church. I had not lost interest in God, fellowshipping with believers, worshipping with music or ministry though. Just with going to a building where I just sat and listened and left having never had a real conversation with someone or even with God. Don’t get me wrong, not all churches are like this, but most are so internally focused that they have little appeal to me anymore.

When did church become focused on a service and not on serving? I wonder how we got to where we are. I am not calling for people to leave their church, instead I am calling for people to be the church. To get out of the pew and into your neighborhood. Meet someone new! Ministry does not have to be a project or planned in advance. Go to a coffee shop and meet a barista. Get their name, a few facts about them and ask if there is anything you can pray for them about. Go home, and actually pray. Then go back on a regular basis. Address them by name and go from there. How simple huh?

Walk in Love my friends,


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