Week #4 Love Like Jesus Part 1

September 23-29, 2012

A) In order to love like Jesus loved, we need to know his love. “To know” has a cognitive aspect (in the mind) as well as an experiential aspect (in the heart). This week we are going to focus on the cognitive aspect as we search the Gospel of Matthew to see how Jesus dealt with people.

As you read through Matthew, make notes about how he addressed different types of people. I believe this will help us know how to address these same types of people today.

The different people to focus on

  • Pharisees, Sadducees, teachers of the Law
  • sinners, prostitutes, tax collectors, possessed, sick
  • Gentiles such as the Samaritans

Read through the whole book with me and take notes. Then come back to this post and share your findings by commenting at the bottom.

B) To keep our missional momentum going lets bake some cookies or a cake and take them to a neighbor and get to know them. Again, as I keep saying, Jesus said to make disciples, we can’t make disciples without relationships, we can’t make relationships without ringing your neighbor’s doorbell.

Walk in Love My Friends,


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  1. Vanessa:

    I baked friendship bread. I thought maybe I could bring myself to bring it to a neighbor. Nope. Just couldn’t do it. I gave it to my husband to share with his men’s Bible study group. My social anxiety is way worse than I thought. Thanks for helping me step out of denial.

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